you have ever wondered if you are lucky or not, you might have based the idea
of luck on certain events: like winning the lottery or finding a ring that you
lost years ago. However, this idea is not limited to a series of occurrences.
It can be possible for an individual or a group of people to be fortunate for
their entire lives, lucky enough to be born in a certain nation. In case this
does not make sense to you, do not worry. In this article, we will show you how
people can stay lucky for all their lives just by being born in a certain

Here, we will be focusing on four key factors that are capable
of making a person fortunate. They are: finance, liberty and life satisfaction,
safety and health, and career opportunities. So without further delay, let us

Opportunities for leading a
quality life

nations focus on providing their people with ample career opportunities to live
a life of quality. Since income is one such factor, the countries focus on
offering quality education, a fair income, and prospects for growth.
Furthermore, the extent to which a nation is privileged with regard to such
factors is determined by its employment rate and productivity. So the nations
that have ranked the highest in this study are: Norway,
Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland,
Sweden, and Canada.


you believe that a country’s financial status can determine its people’s luck,
you are absolutely right. The number of millionaires living in a country, its
wealth, and its income are what define the financial strength of a nation. With
regard to this, the countries that have topped the list are Switzerland, Australia,
Iceland, the United States, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, France
and Belgium.

Healthy and Safe

quality life involves being healthy, and this is the reason why several nations
all over the world are focused on the safety and health of their people. This
implies that the nations which have truly succeeded have low homicide risk, low
risk of accidents, high life expectancy, good air quality, and low expenditure
on health. Based on the rankings, the most successful countries with regard to
the health and safety of their citizens are Canada,
France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria and

Free and Content

word free itself has a feeling that makes us all light-headed. However, have
you ever thought how lucky you would be to have freedom only because you live
in a certain nation? Well, some nations have fruitfully provided their
residents with the kind of freedom everybody wishes for. Apart from the freedom
to travel, this includes giving importance to human rights, and gender

Furthermore, being happy and
satisfied with your life also impacts the freedom that an individual feels.
Thus, based on these factors, the people of those nations are the luckiest.
They are Norway, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland,
Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. So if you are a resident of one of these
nations, you are truly lucky!